China announces massive 5G expansion — Analysis

All cities and towns in China, as well as “most” villages, will be covered by 5G networks by 2025, the Ministry of Industry in Beijing has announced in a new infrastructure development plan.

According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Tuesday’s announcement by the MIIT (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology) stated that the plan would see an increase in the number of 5G stations for every 10,000 people to 26 and extend gigabit optical fiber networks to the majority of urban and rural China.

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The definition of digital infrastructure is “a network that allows for the exchange and storage of information.” “strategic, basic and pioneering industry to help build a new type of digital infrastructure and support economic and social development,”According to Xie Cun, official MIIT. 

Information technology will become a reality. “deeply integrated”The ministry said that it was working with society and the economy to create a boom in business and encourage innovation. In the meantime, authorities are working to “a new type of supervision system” as well as measures to protect users’ personal information and data.

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