UK Royal Navy hit by major fuel theft – media — Analysis

More than £250,000 ($327,000) of diesel was stolen from a Royal Navy warship, The Sun reported on Wednesday, describing the incident as one of the UK’s biggest fuel thefts.

It was thought that the heist had been ongoing for several weeks at a high-security naval base, HMNB Plymouth, located in Plymouth, southwestern England.

It “siphoned”According to reports, diesel was intended for HMS Bulwark (an amphibious assault vessel in the Royal Navy). “It was clear that they had to have a lot of fuel. The fuel that was taken was supposed to power the ship as it undergoes a refit,”According to a source, The Sun was informed by the source.

Plymouth Live reported also on the theft from sources who claimed that the diesel had not been taken directly from the warship.

British sailor dismissed after selling stolen tech on eBay

“The fuel was meant to be in one of those smaller six-wheel tankers, but didn’t arrive,”They said.

Only after an inquisitor checked one truck leaving the base, was the plot discovered.

“Naturally, the Navy is furious about it – even though none of their personnel were involved,”According to The Sun, the source.

Babcock International (a London-based aerospace and defense company) provided the fuel. When contacted by media, the firm refused to respond.

An immediate investigation was launched into the matter, and the source claimed that HMS Bulwark had been left behind. “vulnerable and exposed like this is simply a travesty and Babcock has questions to answer.”

‘Russian submarine’ hit British warship – UK MOD

According to a spokesperson for the Defense Ministry, The Sun was informed by a Defense Ministry official that they were “aware of… the alleged theft of fuel from a contractor within HMNB Devonport,”Add that “there was no disruption to Defense operations”It is because of it.

Plymouth Sutton’s MP Luke Pollard from Devonport reacted by saying “a huge amount of fuel stolen is not only embarrassing, but it also raises serious questions about security at one of our most secure naval bases.”

He was echoed by Rear Admiral Chris Parry, a former commander of the Amphibious Task Group, who insisted that allowing the theft was “They are extremely careless. We expect our civilian contractors to look after us a lot better.”

“Right now I’d rather have the fuel go to the Black Sea than the black market,”He added.

Because of sanctions on Russia’s involvement in Ukraine, the diesel could also have been sold to black markets.

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