China advises airlines to stay clear of Taiwan — Analysis

Six exclusion zones are designated by a formal warning and where military exercises will not take place.

China’s air traffic authority has sent a notice to airlines operating in Asia, informing them of an upcoming military exercise around Taiwan. Six zones were designated by the Chinese military for live fire training and they advised that passengers avoid them.

The notice, which was reported by Bloomberg, was sent during US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to the self-governed Chinese island, in defiance of Beijing’s objections.

Chinese media released the map earlier. It shows that exercises will be held between Thursday and Sunday. A few appeared to show the 12-mile zone that surrounds the island, which is normally considered Taiwanese territory waters.

China views the island as part of its territory. Although Taiwan’s military claimed Beijing’s move violated “UN rules”It was a blocking order.

Taiwan charges Beijing with air- and seablockade

The Chinese government has accused Washington of undermining the ‘One China’ policy, which underpins its claim on Taiwan, with actions like Pelosi’s visit. The Chinese government warned Washington that it was “playing with fire”And he said that there would be consequences.

Beijing has also launched drills on the island and imposed trade restrictions against Taiwan.

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