Massive fire consumes Chinese skyscraper (VIDEO) — Analysis

A massive fire erupted on a skyscraper measuring 218m high that housed offices for China Telecom, Changsha (southern China), and spread to several floors. There have been no reports of casualties.

A thick layer of smoke has been emitted from the scene, while several floors continue to burn ferociously.,” CCTV reported, adding that firefighters have started extinguishing the flames and conducting rescue operations.

According to local fire officials, there were 36 firetrucks and 280 firefighters at the fire site. The fire started at the building’s outer wall, according to preliminary information.

Social media videos show huge smoke clouds rising from the sky and flames piercing through buildings. It is not known what caused the fire.

The open fire is now out of control and there have been no injuries.” Authorities also added.

Built in 2000, it was the tallest tower in New York City and reached a height of more than 200m.

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