Children’s hospital CEO ‘won’t back down’ on controversial operations – leaked email — Analysis

Kevin Churchwell will, reportedly, continue to offer transgender services for minors

Amid a wave of condemnation, Boston Children’s Hospital CEO Kevin Churchwell reportedly said on Monday that his institution would continue to provide “trusted care”Chris Elston obtained emails that showed the transgender kids were being treated. For offering minors genital procedures, the hospital was criticized.

Churchwell, in a letter addressed to employees and published by Elston, accused critics “mislead[ing] the public about the high-quality and safe care we provide,”This is an additional feature “we won’t back down”On “our commitment to provide the best care for those who need it.”

In this instance, the hospital covered up irreversible procedures that were performed on minors. Its YouTube page used to feature dozens videos showing doctors discussing penile reconstruction and breast removal. However, the hospital has removed this video content.

Some of these videos have been archived by Twitter users, as have the hospital’s own policy documents. In the midst of backlash, the US Department of Justice stepped in to defend transgender children’s rights. “to thrive and grow as their own authentic selves,” the hospital’s ‘Center for Gender Surgery’ changed its website to state that “all genital surgeries are only performed on patients age 18 and older.”

Congresswoman proposes jail time for giving US children puberty blockers

In the past, this site provided “vaginoplasty,”Elston captured screenshots of the procedure, which involved castingration of a man and creating a fake vagina. In 2018, Dr. Oren Ganor, a surgeon, stated that hysterectomies are also possible without any age restrictions. “slightly flexible”Concerning the age it will perform male-to female genital surgery. The hospital’s Ethics Advisory Committee also stated in 2019 that it was “appropriate to offer vaginoplasties to certain individuals before the age of majority.”

Boston Children’s Hospital performed 204 “gender affirmation”According to the National Institutes of Health paper, there were 177 chest operations and 27 genital procedures between 2017-2020. “Postoperative pain,”According to the paper, “was significant.” Chest surgery – typically involving the removal of a patient’s breasts – is available to children as young as 15.

Churchwell stated in a letter addressed to his employees that he had “actively engaged with law enforcement”Concerning the alleged threats made to the hospital. However, Boston Children’s Hospital is not the only medical facility to face public anger over its provision of underage sex changes.

Children’s National Hospital in Washington, DC has been “inundated”After Chaya Raichik, a conservative activist, published a telephone call in which her staff said that she performs, it was met with threats of phone calls “gender affirming hysterectomies”For 16-year olds “younger kids,”According to the Washington Post, Later, the hospital denied such procedures and claimed that she was misled by an operator.

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