Children fall to their death in freak inflatable castle accident — Analysis

After an inflatable castle was dropped from 10 metres, it was carried by strong winds and blown up at school in Tasmania.

An extreme wind storm caused Hillcrest Primary School’s inflatable bouncy house to blow off. “lift into the air,”Many schoolchildren “fell from a height of about 10 metres”Tasmania Police reports that two people were killed on Thursday morning.

Numerous children were taken by helicopter to the hospital after being in serious condition.

Debbie Williams, Tasmania Police Chief, called the accident “a very tragic event”And he said that there was “no doubt that this has been a very confronting and distressing scene.”

School was evacuated immediately following the incident. ABC News photographs showed the emotional reactions of responding officers to the situation.

The Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison released a statement Thursday offering prayers for the nation. “the family and friends of the children who lost their lives, the injured, the first responders and all those who witnessed this deeply distressing event.”

“MyHeart is breaking for all those impacted by the tragedy at Hillcrest Primary School in Tasmania today,” he wrote.



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