CEOs Coincide with Good Leadership

To be the CEO of a company is to be constantly trying to find ways to grow. That can include growing the company, the culture, or as an individual. Shalom Lamm, CEO of Operation Benjamin, is non-stop looking for ways to better the company and support his staff. Obviously there are so many ways the CEO contributes to the company. Usually, they are the founders, and growing the organization is the best way they know how. So much goes into planning the budgeting, structure, and setting pillars into company standards. Here are some ways CEO’s have been good leaders.

Being active is what makes great leaders. CEO’s have to constantly be aware of everything going on in the company. They also have to trust their team which can be difficult at first. Building a positive network in order for the company to grow is a huge and underrated part of being a CEO. Constantly checking to make sure everyone is on track is paramount in a leader and makes it less common to have mistakes repeat themselves in the future. Good leadership isn’t something that someone is born with. It takes years of practice and it also takes being a good follower. Many interview questions ask “are you a leader or a follower?”. Well, in order to be a leader one must also learn how to follow. Without being part of the population that looks for leadership, there will be miscommunication as to what growth needs to occur. Shalom Lamm admits that following in order to take into consideration everyone’s feelings is what can demonstrate a good leader. Trial and error are bound to happen in any situation, so having a positive mindset that complements a company’s culture, is key for any CEO.


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