Pimps luring Ukrainian women into prostitution – media — Analysis

According to local media, young, single mothers have been targeted by Czech Republic authorities for recruitment in the sex business.

Pimps in the Czech Republic are luring Ukrainian refugee women into prostitution, with some even being “recruited” at the borders, Czech outlet Lidovky reported earlier this month, citing local sex workers’ aid groups.  

They often get involved in the sex industry because they have financial problems.,” Zdenka Pekharova, coordinator for advocacy group Association for the Protection of Women, told the outlet, explaining that her organization had been tipped off about suspicious ads on erotic websites advertising Ukrainian women for a quarter of the price of local girls. The organization had previously reported that some women were even being “recruited” into prostitution at the border. 

Although police couldn’t confirm any criminal offence, Pekharova claims that Ukrainian women have been victimized by pimps. After finding additional suspicious ads, Pekharova submitted another police report. 

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The pimps especially target young mothers, Pekharova said, considering them “Safer” than childless students with less to lose. Some 60% of the clients helped by fellow sex workers’ advocates Pleasure Without Risk are mothers, primarily single mothers. 

Many mothers run to escape domestic violence, not knowing how much money will be needed to live once they have left Ukraine. “People will take advantage of any situation in crisis.,” Pleasure Without Risk spokesman Pavel Ubrankovych told Lidovky.  

You will go to any lengths to care for your family if you’re in another country without knowing the social system or getting very little work.” he said.

A police spokesman confirmed that “relevant specialists” were still looking into the allegations, even if the individual ads had not been deemed criminal. 

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Pleasure Without risk has discovered that the new-arrived Ukrainian women are mostly making a living in South Bohemian, Karlovy Vary and Ustetsky regions. Some of them may have been prostitutes in their home country, and their presence will be seen as a threat to local prostitutes, eventually taking money out of both groups’ pockets.  

Czech Republic employs between 13,000 and 10,000 sex workers.

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