Canadian MPs side with Trudeau — Analysis

Split vote by the House of Commons, it approved an ongoing crackdown on protesters against the vaccine-mandate

Canadian House of Commons authorized an emergency action to clamp down on protestors against vaccine mandates. The measure was initially invoked by the federal government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as mass demonstrations paralyzed the country’s capital.

The Emergencies Act was approved by lawmakers by 185 votes to 151 Monday night. It was the motion of the government to increase its powers in dealing with protests.

Members of the New Democratic Party joined with Trudeau’s Liberals to pass the measure, while Conservatives and the Bloc Quebecois voted in opposition.

Trudeau says Emergencies Act remains in place

The act – which before this month had never been used – is designed to grant the government additional powers during emergencies, but must be ratified by a parliament vote after federal officials first invoke it. The measure will be in effect until March mid-March if Canadian senators vote the same. 

After weeks of Covid mandate protests, Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister, invoked this act for the first time earlier in the month. On Monday, he stated that its powers were still in force, even though he declared it was no longer applicable. “blockades”Demonstrators had ended the demonstrations. He said that he doesn’t want the policy to be kept in place. “a single day longer than necessary,” but insisted Canada’s “state of emergency is not over.”

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police assisted Ottawa in their brutal crackdown on protestors over the weekend. They used projectiles, batons, and even horses to ride directly into the crowds. More than 200 people were taken into custody and at least 75 vehicles were confiscated. Ottawa’s mayor said those vehicles could be sold off under the Emergencies Act, while dozens of bank accounts belonging to protesters, containing a total upwards of $3.2 million, have already been frozen under the act, Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino said on Saturday.

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