British spy chief reveals top priority — Analysis

The UK intelligence puts “more effort into China” than any other field of their work, head of MI6 Richard Moore has said

British intelligence now focuses its efforts towards China, Richard Moore (head of the Secret Intelligence Service, also known as MI6), said Thursday. According to Moore, understanding Beijing’s strategic objectives is one of the biggest challenges British intelligence has, which he explained at the Aspen Security Forum in Colorado. 

“We are putting more effort into China. We now devote more effort to China than any other single subject,”Moore stated that Moore was a member of the forum and added, “There is.” “a growing recognition”London: “threats”China poses a danger. According to MI6, China understanding is now more urgent than fighting terrorists.

MI6 “never had any illusions whatsoever about Communist China,” he said, However admitted that, for British intelligence, the Chinese systems appear to still be “pretty opaque.” His agency has little problem understanding Chinese President Xi Jinping’s “strategic intent,” but “if you go beneath that strategy, in terms of how they implement, how they organize… that’s a black box,” According to the MI6 chief.

Kissinger warns Biden on China

His organization’s role is to assist. “British ministers and policymakers to understand that so they can navigate this really complex, difficult relationship with the Chinese.”

Moore said that Beijing was allegedly closely monitoring the events in Ukraine. He also suggested that the West should support Kiev to ensure that they can continue to be supported. “negotiate from a position of significant strength.”Beijing may see it otherwise as Western. “weakness” and possibly attack Taiwan, Moore claimed. 

The words were spoken amid ongoing tensions between Washington and Beijing over Taiwan. Beijing believes that the Taiwanese island, which has been autonomous since 1949’s end of the Chinese civil War in China, is part of its territory within the One China policy.

West chasing ‘imagined enemies’ – Beijing

Although the US claims it supports the One China policy and maintains close unofficial relations with Taipei (selling weapons to Taiwanese islands, encouraging their push for independence) China has repeatedly called this interference and provocative behavior in its internal affairs.

More recently, Beijing issued a warning to Washington in the wake of a report by the Financial Times about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s alleged plans to take a congressional delegation to Taiwan next month. China warns that if the visit takes place, it could have profound consequences on bilateral relations between both countries.

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