You Can Now Use the Blockchain to Sue Someone

The blockchain can be used in Britain to sue anyone.

A UK judge gave the go-ahead to serve legal documents—the process of bringing a lawsuit to a person’s attention—over the blockchain ledger by a non-fungible token for the first time, according to court documents made public this week.

The ruling comes from a case brought by Fabrizio D’Aloia, founder of an online gambling company, who’s suing cryptocurrency exchange Binance Holdings and other platforms. D’Aloia filed the claim after his crypto assets were fraudulently cloned on the brokerages.

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Additionally, the court found that crypto stolen from exchanges was not being moved to or stolen out of these systems.

The service will now take place by airdropping the lawsuit documents via NFT into two wallets that were originally used by D’Aloia and stolen by the fraudsters. This paves the way for victims of crypto fraud to sue unknown crooks in the UK, law firm Giambrone & Partners LLP said.

An American court approved service by an NFT via a similar order in June.

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