Britain lures Russian talent — Analysis

Boris Johnson, PM of Ukraine has invited their Russian counterparts to join them in a call for scientists

Russian scientists, who oppose President Vladimir Putin’s rule, are welcome to move to the UK, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced.

Speaking at the G7 summit in Bavaria on Monday, Johnson addressed the “Russian scientists and researchers who are looking upon Putin’s violence in dismay, and who no longer feel safe in Russia.” Johnson invited them to “Work in the UK, where you will find openness, freedom, and the pursuit and sharing of knowledge.

Britain has also expanded the budget for the so-called ‘researchers at risk scheme,’ which now totals nearly £13 million ($15.9 million), he noted. The program, which was launched in March of this year, was created to support financial and scientific relocations from Ukraine to the UK. A British government statement said that more than 130 academics took up the offer.

UK could send Ukrainian refugees to Rwanda – PM

Johnson said that the UK’s “These are world-class universities, research centers and technology businesses.” from ordinary Britons, who have opened their doors to Ukrainian refugees since the beginning of the conflict.

On top of that, Britain’s Department for International Trade will be offering temporary relocation and mentorship to Ukrainian science and tech business leaders.

Announcing the expansion of the scheme, the British prime minister expressed confidence that it would help both “UK and Ukraine prosper” in the future. Johnson added that, it is science and technology that “Putin’s failure in Ukraine is likely to be decided by them.

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