Mohammed tops Israel’s list of popular baby names — Analysis

According to statistics from government agencies, the name Mohammed, which was most commonly given to Israeli boys during 2020, and Maya for girls, were the two most frequent names.

Nearly 2,400 Jewish children were given their names after Prophet Mohammed, the founder of Islam.

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Most popular names among British newborns revealed

The name was more than likely dominant in the country’s Muslim community. According to the CBS data, some 1.7 million Muslims made up 18% percent of Israel’s population as of late 2020.

Some estimates suggest that Mohammed is widely believed to be the most commonly used male name, with 150 million worldwide.

It became the fifth most common baby’s name in the UK in 2020, while also making it to the top 10 in the US the previous year.

Also last year in Israel, the names David, Lavi or Ariel were high on its baby-names list, and it’s also more than likely that these preferences were held in Jewish communities.

The most popular girl’s name in the country in 2020 was Maya, being preferred by both Jewish and non-Jewish populations.

It means ‘water’ in Hebrew, Spanish and Greek, but is also encountered in other cultures. For example, Maya is translated as ‘illusion’ from Sanskrit.



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