5 Top Items on Your Checklist for A New Puppy

When you have made the decision to purchase a brand new puppy, there are some essential items that should be on your checklist. Having these items will ensure your pet feels comfortable, happy, and safe, in their new home. Not only that, but it will give you and your new puppy time to bond with each other. The following are 5 essential items that should be on your checklist.

You Should Have Two Bowls

You should have two bowls: one bowl for water and another one for food. Consider buying bowls that won’t easily tip over. This will prevent your puppy from easily spilling food or water.

A stainless steel bowl should be considered, when buying bowls. Stainless steel will not crack or chip like glass, plastic, or ceramic bowls. Also, you should buy smaller size bowls first. Then, purchase larger ones, as the puppy grows. Smaller bowls will keep the puppy from falling in the bowl, when they take a drink or eat.

Purchase a Pet Gate

A pet gate can section off parts of your home that is dedicated for the puppy. At the same time, it will ensure your puppy doesn’t get into any trouble. A pet gate allows you to easily watch your puppy, while he is in the room playing. More importantly, it allows air to flow freely through your home. Don’t worry, a pet gate isn’t complicated to use. It is a very simple process to set it up. This makes it simple to make any room a comfortable pen for your puppy. Your puppy will remain safe and secure.

Invest in a Crate

A crate is useful for a variety of reasons. It allows for your puppy to stand up, lie down, and turn around comfortably. It can be an area where your puppy can feel safe and comfortable, when you are not home. A crate is well-ventilated and will provide a nice, cozy space for your growing puppy. It is best to place the crate where the family normally gathers. This can include the family room or den. This will ensure the puppy is able to bond with the family. Besides, you want your puppy to feel like part of the family. You should try to make your home feel as comfortable as possible. Also, when placing your puppy in a crate, be sure to remove its collar. This ensures that it doesn’t pose any choking hazards. Also, purchase a crate that is small enough for your puppy. This will make him feel snug as well as safe.

Pet Toys

Puppies love to chew on things. Investing in pet toys will help ensure your puppy doesn’t chew on shoes or other items in your home. Pet toys are also great, for getting rid of excess energy and for teething. Hard rubber balls as well as nylon chews are excellent pet toys. They are both safe and fun. However, keep in mind that if the toy can fit in the puppy’s mouth, you will probably need to purchase a larger toy. A smaller toy can pose a choking hazard. Also, as the puppy grows, you should increase the size of the toy. Avoid buying toys made of fur, soft rubber, wool, plastic, or sponge. Also, no pet toys should have sharp attachments or points. They can easily pierce the puppy’s skin. Additionally, items, such as twist ties, balls of strings, or yarn, can become lodged in your puppy’s throat.

Vaccinate Your New Puppy

Disease prevention should be the most important item on your to-do list, when buying a new puppy. Yearly dog vaccinations will decrease your puppy’s chances of illnesses. In many cases, it can prevent an illness altogether. Vaccines will help boost up your animal’s immune system. They do so, by creating antibodies that will get rid of anything that carries a specific disease.



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