Biden falls on bike ride (VIDEO) — Analysis

US President Joe Biden was greeted by supporters at Rehoboth on Saturday when he fell off his bike. White House stated that the president, 79 years old, did not need medical attention.

Biden was seen crossing the street at a low speed before placing one foot on the asphalt in an attempt to unmount his bicycle. Instead of falling to his knees, the president landed on his back.

Assistants helped Biden to his feet, even though he was wearing a helmet. Biden left the area after briefly speaking to supporters who had gathered on his bicycle route.

According to the White House, Biden fell after his “foot got caught on the pedal,” and did not need medical attention.

Biden can often be seen biking around Rehoboth, a beach-side resort. During his 2020 election campaign, Biden’s supporters pointed to these bike rides as evidence of the former vice president’s vigor, amid attacks by incumbent President Donald Trump about his mental and physical health. 

However, numerous incidents since the 2020 election have cast doubt on Biden’s health. Biden’s verbal gaffes during speeches and other events and his apparent confusion at times have led to many problems. In November 2020, Biden fractured his foot while playing with dogs and was then seen falling three more times while on board Air Force One in December. 

Recent Harvard Polls show that 53% Americans own a cell phone. “doubts about [Biden’s mental] fitness for office,”While 62% think he’s real, “showing he is too old to be President.”

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