Berlin mulls keeping iconic landmark in dark — Analysis

According to the mayor, it is possible for Brandenburg Gate lights to be dimmed in an effort save electricity

Franziska Giffey, Belin Mayor, supports the idea that landmarks such as the Brandenburg Gate should not be illuminated in order to conserve energy. She said that street lighting could be switched off, without risking safety.

“In the situation we are in, we have to examine all the options for saving energy,” the top city official told Germany’s dpa news agency.

She said that it would strike the right balance to cut energy use and keep the city looking great, by turning off the lights at midnight.

The 44-year old official said that conserving energy by simple actions such as turning off lights when no one is present in the room was something everyone did back when they were children.

Germans forced to ration hot water – media

Giffey supported the suggestion of Sebastian Czaja (head of the Free Democratic Party faction within the Berlin state legislature), last weekend. He pinpointed Rotes Rathaus – Berlin’s town hall – the Brandenburg Gate, the Victory Column, the Charlottenburg Town Hall and the Reichstag dome as locations that could all do without being lit throughout the night.

“There is savings potential across Germany and the state should set a good example,”He told B.Z. Berlin that he had spoken to him.

Germany faces an increasing energy crisis as a result of rising prices. This has been exacerbated recently by uncertainty about Russian gas supplies. In case things turn bad, the federal government has prepared an emergency plan to reduce gas consumption. German officials at all levels are encouraging citizens to save energy by taking shorter showers, and avoiding the use of air conditioners.

EU countries reacted to the attack on Ukraine late February with a series of anti-Russian measures and announced their intent to eliminate all Russian hydrocarbons. Moscow claimed that Europe is responsible for all the economic damage it has suffered.

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