Biden evacuated to a secure location

After a plane flew into his Delaware airspace, Secret Service agents took the president to the airport.

Following an unauthorised aircraft entering the restricted airspace over the Delaware Beach House, President Joe Biden had to be evacuated. This breached security protocols.

Following a flight from a private aircraft, the president was immediately rushed to secure premises at 1:45pm Saturday. “mistakenly” entered a secure area near Biden’s vacation home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, the US Secret Service said in a statement. “The aircraft was immediately escorted out of the restricted airspace,”The agency also was added.

According to reports, the secure spot was at a local fire station. Biden’s motorcade was seen traveling to the fire station, where an SUV in which the president was riding drove inside. Traffic was temporarily shut down for 20 minutes, while Secret Service agents searched the area to determine if there had been any threat.

Bo Erickson of CBS News reported that two military aircraft flew low over the town following the sighting. A local resident told Erickson that she saw a small white plane flying near Biden’s beach house at about 12:45pm. A few minutes later, the two military planes flew over Rehoboth beach.

“Preliminary investigation reveals the pilot was not on the proper radio channel, was not following the NOTAMS (Notice to Airmen) that had been filed and was not following published flight guidance,”According to the Secret Service, “The United States Secret Service will be interviewing the pilot.”

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President Joe Biden, flanked by Secret Service agents, is shown arriving in South Korea on Friday.
Two of Biden’s Secret Service agents sent home

Biden’s motorcade returned to his beach home after investigators concluded that there was no ongoing security threat. According to reports, the president and first lady Jill Biden celebrated Jill’s birthday at their Delaware beach home for the second consecutive year. The Federal Aviation Administration issued temporary flight restrictions in the area from Thursday night through Sunday morning, apparently in connection with Biden’s visit.

For quick trips from Washington, the Bidens often travel to Wilmington, Delaware and their Rehoboth Beach home. The Bidens spent 16 days at this beach house in the first year of his office.

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President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden are shown at a White House event on Monday featuring staffers in Easter Bunny costumes.
Easter Bunny takes Biden out of the press (VIDEOS).

The government last fall awarded a construction contract worth nearly $500,000 to build a security fence around the president’s Rehoboth Beach house. The project had been stalled since March due to the lack of local regulatory approvals required for the building of the barrier at a height higher than what is allowed by the city. Bidens wanted permission to build a stone wall four feet from the front of their house, and ten-foot fencing along its sides with stones columns at the rear.

Critics have pointed out the irony of building a taxpayer-funded wall to help secure Biden’s home after the president canceled construction of a wall at the southern US border. The border wall was called a “border wall”. “waste of money” and said it wasn’t a “serious policy solution.”



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