IKEA suggests what Merkel can do after leaving politics — Analysis

The era of Angela Merkel’s rule is over and it’s apparently high time the former chancellor decided what to do with her spare time. German businesses came up with several suggestions.

Many German companies including an IKEA store in the area paid tribute to former German head of government by featuring her image in recent advertisements.

IKEA congratulated Merkel on being “finally home”The company ran an ad that featured her sitting in a comfortable armchair in a room with no furniture. Since the caption of the advertisement on social media said: “Could you please pass me the opera glasses, I would like to see if Olaf is already busy.”

The pun was a reference to Olaf Scholz – Merkel’s successor at the chancellor’s office.

A hardware store, Toom, suggested Merkel would find her new calling in gardening as it posted an ad featuring Merkel making an iconic hand gesture known as ‘Merkel’s rhombus’ or ‘diamond’ while wearing the company’s gloves.

“For all those, who finally have time for a garden,” the ad’s caption read. Toom was also compelled to remind clients of the importance of politics, as another caption appeared in Toom’s ad: “First go to vote and then off to the garden!”

Merkel’s passion for gardening is not known, however she is passionate about nature. She is passionate about hiking, and she has been known to love it on vacation.

Germany’s Astra beer brand suggested the former chancellor might find a better use for her iconic ‘diamond gesture’ now that she does not have to pose in front of photographers during official events. The company placed a bottle of its Astra Urtyp beer into the ex-chancellor’s hands and wished that everyone “have a nice evening.”

Merkel has yet to respond on the ads. It is not clear if she will be following any of these suggestions. Earlier, when asked about what she would do after leaving the chancellor’s office, she said she would find herself a good book and take a nap. “And then we’ll see,”She added.



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