Biden appears to mistakenly call Ukrainians ‘Iranians’ — Analysis

The US president seemed to misaddress Washington’s support during his State of the Union speech

The latest gaffe by Joe Biden, the US president, occurred on Tuesday as he delivered his State of the Union speech. He made an apparent call to Ukrainian people “Iranian”As he decried Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of the country,

Official transcriptThe White House published the following part of the incriminating text: “Putin may circle [Kiev] with tanks, but he will never gain the hearts and souls of the Ukrainian people.”However, the delivery of the phrase was closer in person. “Iranian”More than “Ukrainian.” Biden didn’t have trouble pronouncing “Ukrainian”In other sections of his speech.

Biden is known for making mistakes in his political careers. This trait has been attributed to his childhood difficulties with speech. Biden has had many such gaffes as president. He has also misspoken names of places.

One fresh example came in an interview with NBC’s Lester Holt, during which it took Biden three attempts to articulate the thought that the US could not have unified Afghanistan while occupying it – rather than Ukraine or Iraq, that is.

Critics were thrilled by the latest slipup. Word “Iranian”People reacted to the trending topic on Twitter, even though it was not a US Twitter trend. Many claimed that they saw Vice President Kamala Harris’ mouth. “Ukrainian” behind Biden’s back after he misspoke, but whether she actually did that is questionable.

Florida Representative Matt Gaetz stated that it must have been from a conservative satire website.

During the speech, Biden pledged America’s continued support for Ukraine, but stressed that the US and its NATO allies would not intervene militarily to stop Russia. Moscow launched an offensive last Thursday, claiming it was necessary to put an end to Kiev’s military crackdown against its breakaway eastern regions and the creeping expansion of NATO into the country.

It was called a war on aggression by the West. They retaliated with harsh economic sanctions to stop Russia’s economy and promised more arms and financial assistance to Kiev.

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