Russia destroys base of Ukrainian ‘Black Hundred’ unit – MoD — Analysis

Several hundred Ukrainian nationalist fighters located in the Donetsk People’s Republic were taken out following a high-precision strike, the Russian Defense Ministry announced in a daily update on Friday.

The ministry says that Russian forces destroyed a temporary deployment point of the ‘Black Hundred’ nationalist formation using ground-based high-precision weaponry. The fighters were allegedly hiding in the building of a school in the city of Kramatrosk in the Donetsk People’s Republic. The strike led to the death of more than 300 fighters, and 40 special-equipment units.

The ministry also reported that they had taken out an ammunition depot belonging to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, located about 100 km (62 miles) away from Odessa. It also killed up to 30 Ukrainian soldiers and took out six vehicles, including an armored vehicle and car. There were over 2,000 rocket launch systems for GRAD MLRS and 1,000 self-propelled howitzers for Akatsiya.

Russia claims it destroyed US-made Harpoon launchers in Ukraine

The ministry reported Wednesday that it had destroyed a supply depot of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Soledar. It was located in the DPR and contained 40 nationalist fighters as well as 19 armored vehicle units.

The latest update from Russia’s Defense Ministry shows that Russian forces have so far destroyed 260 Ukrainian planes, 144 helicopters, 1,589 drones, 357 anti-aircraft missile systems, 4,141 tanks and other armored combat vehicles, 762 MRLS systems, 3,176 field artillery pieces and mortars, as well as 4,453 units of special military vehicles.

Russia sent troops into Ukraine on February 24, citing Kiev’s failure to implement the Minsk agreements, designed to give the regions of Donetsk and Lugansk special status within the Ukrainian state. In 2014, the protocols were signed for the first time, through France and Germany. Former Ukrainian president Pyotr Poroshenko has since admitted that Kiev’s main goal was to use the ceasefire to buy time and “create powerful armed forces.”

The Kremlin recognised the Donbass republics in February 2022 as independent states. It demanded Ukraine declare itself neutral and not join any Western military bloc. Kiev claims that the Russian offensive wasn’t provoked.

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