Best Vitamins to Take Every Day

We all want good health. And in 2020, good health has never been desired more!

Vitamins are something that can naturally be consumed through the foods we eat and the juices or smoothies we drink. They make up a very important component of our health and there have been recommended quotas of various vitamins we should be getting every single day.

In general, smart choices with our diets will result in the maximum level of vitamins for our bodies to use. Vitamins are something we don’t ever want to deprive our bodies of, especially because they play such a large role in ensuring that our cells function normally, our bodies grow as they were designed to and our immune system operates at maximum health to fight off all that bad stuff we come into contact with!

However, sometimes we need to give our bodies a little extra love when it comes to the vitamin front. Whether it be for dietary reasons or simple how our body has been designed, we are often lacking certain vitamins to maintain good health. Luckily, this is where vitamin supplements come in!

To help you decide what vitamins you need, here is everything you should know about vitamin supplements.

Types of Vitamin you need in your life:

The best vitamin subscription is unique to each individual person.  But in general, here are the most important vitamins on a generic level and what they help our body accomplish:

  •   Vitamin A is key in helping us keep our eye-sight strong and our skin and bones healthy. Without Vitamin A in our system, we would not function very well and would be very fragile human beings!
  •   Vitamin B comes in a wide range, from B1-B12. This group of vitamins looks after a range of things such as eliminating bad blood cells, decreasing our risk of a heart attack, supplying nutrients to create hormones, keeping our metabolism intact, and beautifying our skin, hair, and nails! The Vitamin B group is a jack of many traits and our body would certainly not function the same without them—so it is a vitamin that we do not want to deprive our bodies of.
  •   Vitamin C is the go-to when you are feeling sick. It is able to give our immune system an extra kick when we are threatened with different viruses or illnesses and can be a real life-saver! Best of all, our bodies can not really overdose on Vitamin C, so the more the merrier. Plus, in addition to being a great boost for our immune system, Vitamin C helps our body fix and tissue tears from any injury or trauma. Bring on the good stuff!
  •   Vitamin D is an interesting one because it comes from both sunlight and food! Vitamin D is what makes us feel really good and keeps our immune system working at optimal function. Vitamin D is actually commonly taken as a supplement, especially if you live in an area that does not get a whole lot of sunshine!  
  •   Iron is something that all of us need lots of, especially if you are a woman! Iron is one of the most essential minerals for our body, as it is responsible for helping to carry oxygen throughout the body. Just as importantly, iron is essential with our red blood cell production and without it, we could suffer from a range of side effects. This is one of the most common supplements females end up taking, especially those with heavier period cycles.
  •   Probiotics are also another essential mineral that our bodies desperately need. This is because it ensures our guts are well looked after and we can process food correctly. Kombucha has made a huge trend because it offers a drink that is full of probiotics while fun and cool to drink. But there are also vitamin supplement forms to consider taking as well because not everyone is a kombucha fan!

When to take your vitamins

The frequency and dosage that you should take your vitamins are a bit different and dependent on a whole range of factors. Some things to consider are what your daily routine is, when you exercise or how intensely you do exercise, what your diet is like, and any other health factors that impact you.

It is not so much the exact time of day you take your vitamins that is important. It is more how often you take them and how consistent you are with the dosage. For the majority of vitamins, they aren’t a one-trick pony who works their magic instantly. It takes consistently integrating these vitamins into your diet that will determine how beneficial they can be for your body.

So when it comes to answering the question of what the best vitamins are for you to subscribe to, it really is a personal decision that should be made in line with your doctor!


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