Best Car Brands to Use for Your Fleet

If you own a company that sells products, you will need a way to get those products to customers. It can be expensive using an outside shipping company, especially if your company is shipping lots of products very often.

Once a company gets to this stage, it is necessary to think about types of transportation, and which brand is best. We are going to go over options that we believe are suitable for all kinds of shipping needs. 

What Type of Transportation to Use

If a company’s products are on the lighter side, then a smaller van is excellent to use. However, if the business is selling furniture or larger items, trucks from world renowned brands are a much better choice. 

If a company is just shipping one or two items, but they are fragile, then a regular-sized car will work as well. Once a business knows which type of vehicle is needed to ship items, then they can start looking at what brands are best. 

Mercedes Benz 

Mercedes Benz is known for its quality and reliability, and with good reason. This make of cars, vans, and trucks are more expensive. However, their overall performance and quality is much better than with cheaper marques. 

Mercedes Benz also puts a lot of time and effort into designing and producing safe vehicles. The company only uses shatterproof glass and flame resistant materials, with only rounded corners and edges. They install the most powerful headlamps for better visibility at night and during severe weather conditions.  

If a company wants a quality vehicle, Mercedes Benz never disappoints. 


Volvo is another great brand to use for a business truck, van, or car. It is the second-largest producer of heavy trucks, so they have a wealth of experience in the industry.

Volvo values safety, quality, and the environment when it builds its vehicles. Volvo enables companies to buy new or used trucks directly from them. There are also ways to finance the purchase, so the whole process is made easy for a company to purchase one or more car, van, or truck. 


Volkswagen is another excellent company for commercial vehicles. This company tends to be less expensive than the previous two companies, which is excellent for those who do not have a big budget for transportation costs but still require a quality product. 

Volkswagen has an extensive selection of vans to choose from for shipping products. Each comes with different features and price ranges.

The Bottom Line 

Whichever brand or style of transportation a company chooses to buy, make sure it is safe for the driver and also for the products being shipped. There are so many shapes and sizes to choose from.

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