Benefits of Taking Vitamins

Benjamin Cory Harow encourages people to take a multivitamin every day for their health, but do you know the reasons behind this? Vitamins have many different health benefits that you should consider!

Here are seven reasons why you should take vitamins every day:

1. Increased Energy

Did you know that by taking a vitamin supplement every day can make you feel more energetic and awake during the day? This is mostly to do with B vitamins which help your body turn food into glucose, which it uses for energy. You may feel like you have more overall energy when taking daily vitamins, and this feeling is backed by science and research! Taking a vitamin every day can help reduce fatigue especially if you don’t already have enough vitamin B in your diet.

2. Healthy Hair and Skin

Are you looking for a way to grow your hair, reduce hair loss, and have glowing skin? Taking a vitamin every day can help you achieve these results! Biotin in particular is a great vitamin for promoting hair, skin, and nail health and is a safe supplement to take every day.

3. Healthy Bones and Teeth

The Emergency Medicine Specialist from Florida believes that taking a vitamin every day can also help your bones and teeth become healthier. Vitamin D helps to regulate the amount of calcium and phosphate in the body, so it is a good way to support the health of your bones and teeth.

4. Reduced Depression

Who knew that taking vitamins every day can actually help to prevent and reduce depression? Vitamin D has been studied to have this effect by reducing inflammation in the body and protecting against neurocognitive dysfunction. When taken with other vitamins in addition to it such as a multivitamin it can have an even better effect.

5. Healthy Eyes

Did you know that Vitamin A is a great vitamin to take for your eye health? This vitamin helps to maintain a clear cornea and adds to the protein in your eyes that help you see in areas that are dark. Without this vitamin, people can actually develop serious eye problems and can even potentially face blindness.

6. Increased Nutrient Absorption

As we age we are not able to absorb as many nutrients as we can when we are young. Taking medication can also get in the way of proper nutrient absorption. This is something that taking a multivitamin can help with. Take a multivitamin every day and increase the amount of nutrients that you are absorbing from the vitamin itself and the food that you eat.

7. Reduced Risk of Cancer

In many studies the use of vitamins have been shown to reduce the risks of certain cancers. In one study it was shown that vitamin D decreased cancer cell growth in mice and helped to reduce tumor formation. Antioxidants have also been shown to help with cancer prevention as well.

Clearly, taking a multivitamin is an easy and effective way to support the health of your body and mind! Try taking one every day and see if you feel a difference. Either way, your body will surely thank you!


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