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A desirable look is far from being complete without a little accompaniment. The unspoken sartorial rule is that accessories have the power to make or break an outfit. The spring/summer of 2021 has seen top designers across the world merge past, present, and future ideas to make seemingly informed creations that are taking over the fashion world. From ornate pearl bags, fluffy sandals, to bucket hats, the accessory trends are getting pretty exciting.

The must-have pieces of 2021 are treating accessories as essential rather than optional additions to achieving the perfect look. According to Helen Lee Schifter, the year 2021 is going to stand out from the rest of the years in terms of fashion trends. The following are the most salient accessories of the season.

Bucket Hats

The re-emergence of bucket hats from the 90s has incited a lot of mixed reactions. They are those who have fully embraced the trend while for some it doesn’t elicit any form of excitement. This unisex style is taking the mainstream fashion and pop culture by storm with designers like Micheal Kors and Chanel reintroducing the trend.

Moreover, the trend is becoming popular among celebrities and models implying that bucket hat is here to stay. For the fellas who are in love with this trend, there are several cute options to start from. These versatile collections go well for both fearless fashionistas and apprehensive bucket hat lovers.

Toby Bucket Hat

Retro Bucket Hat Nike Sportswear

Leather Trimmed Printed Bucket Hat

Nollie Slouchy Tie-Dye Bucket Hat

Canvas Packable Hat

Paula’s Ibiza Printed Cotton Bucket Hat

Small Sunglasses

Just when they thought they were running out of trends, boom! The small sunglasses from the 90s appeared. Though not entirely practical for the protection from the UV rays, these tiny cool frames reigned as the ultimate fashion statement in the 90s and early 2000s. The pieces are making their return as the shades of choice in 2021.

Black Face Mask

Keeping up with Schifter’s sentiment of standing out, why not pop out with the trendy black face mask. Who said that protection doesn’t have to be trendy? The sleek beautifully designed face mask is a catch as it matches almost every outfit one wears in addition to offering protection from the coronavirus. The beauty behind this face mask is its limitless styling opportunities. Moreover, there is a wide range of choices to choose from.

Yellow Bags

The yellow bags have taken over the streets and the runways. This replicable and timeless trend is spicing up outfits for fashion lovers. With a variety of shades to choose from, the yellow bags look incredible when paired up with other vibrant hues and monochromatic ensembles.

Altogether, 2021 seems to be a year of endless fashion and beauty trends. As people are keeping up with trends they must continue expressing themselves through fashion and beauty to get rid of the negative energy brought about by the pandemic. It is in such scenarios that Helen Lee Schifter uses fashion as a form of expression.


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