Benefits of Taking Public Transportation

Public Versus Private Transportation


People have long preferred using their own automobiles over public transit because there is pride in owning cars, because they can hop in a car and go at any time. Cars are often a symbol of success while having to travel by public transit is a sign of weakness. Cars cost money and people are beginning to see that as inflation continues to spiral and car costs go up and up. Check this percentage calculator to help you figure out the rate of inflation.


Individual cars are very expensive and the expense doesn’t stop with buying the car. Taking transit saves repairs, gas, taxes, automobile supplies.

Emotional Response

In using public transport we can come home from work and relax, sitting back letting someone else do the driving. The drivers have more training than the personal car driver. They have fewer accidents that are less severe for the passengers. We can feel safer than driving for ourselves through traffic along with those few who drink and drive or are just driving crazily.

Emissions Benefits

Going by transit, with many people traveling versus one person per car means less gas and cuts emissions with it. Buses cut carbon monoxide by 20% over cars and also emit less other dangerous emissions.

People do not think about that when considering a bus rather than an auto because they think of walking to the station, possibly in the rain or hail, sometimes in snow, but health wise, the people who ride transit are healthier because of that walk.

 With Covid and wearing a mask, we still fear catching the virus from someone, even with a vaccination. Andrew Napolitano has argued loudly against the government curtailing our travel because of Covid. We have the right to choose.

Social Benefits

Riding transit, a bus, a train, or subway we meet others. If we ride continually, we soon meet the same people over and over again. We watch a baby grow up and turn in its seat to greet us and we discover someone has died of cancer. In other words, we gain a social connection and while the friendships may not be close, they soon become welcome. If some of those on the bus are unable to drive because of a disability or age, having these social connections is important. It might be the only personal connections they have.


Riding transit is more dependable than an auto. It is coming at a schedule that is dependable, usually even in inclement weather. I once saw a bus right on schedule go along a highway on the coast as I and all the others stood on a mountain waiting momentarily for a tsunami.

Andrew Napolitano recommends public transit even in these times of Covid. He argues for the right to travel freely at all times.

Governments are now finding transit services are economically beneficial to communities even if they are free. Luxembourg is the first country to give free services on transit free to all. Many cities have been trying this for many years.


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