Benefits of a boxing workout

If you have been looking for a truly fun workout that utilizes the whole body and gets you the kinds of results you’ve been dreaming about, look no further than boxing for exercise. What’s so great about boxing is that it is a full body workout that really tightens your muscles, and gives you a lean and hard body that no other workout even comes close to matching. There are great places like this boxing gym in Lehi Utah that really will help get your workout up to the level that makes the difference between a semi-hard body, and a mean, lean absolute killer bod. Today, let’s go over some of the benefits of a boxing workout.


Boxing is a great form of exercise that burns tons of calories quickly and gets you the kind of ripped muscles you see in magazines and of TV. So you will be losing weight and building muscle mass at the same time. This is a full blast cardio workout that is on par with some of the best fat burning exercises that are more well known. You will literally shed those pounds while having a blast and sweating up a storm. Think of how lean and strong some of the boxers look when they go to weigh-ins, you can also achieve this superhuman look simply by following along with what your boxing coach instructs you to do, and who doesn’t want that lean look?


Boxing is so much more than just punching. There’s a ton of legwork to learn, and being fast on your feet will improve your ability to punch as well. Think about that famous quote where a boxer floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee. You will earn techniques to make your footwork lightning quick, and these moves are great for burning calories.  Then there is all of the head fakes and quick movements of your torso where you will learn to dodge and weave away from your opponents punches, these moves are great for cardio, but really tighten your core muscles to the point where you will possibly be sporting a six-pack in no time at all. Punching and striking hard are great, but there is so much more to a boxing workout than just that.


Boxing as a workout burns fat and at the same time builds lean muscle. This is the look that is so hard to obtain, and so many people are after. You are actually replacing the flabby fat on your body with lean rock hard muscle. This muscle will have no fat on it making it look fantastic, and when someone bumps into you, they will feel like they just walked into a wall, you will get that solid. Finding a good gym to guide you on your way to this rare final goal of fitness is not as tough as it may seem. You can actually shop online, and find some online versions of the classes offered, and you can find a good instructor this way as well. 


There are so many great benefits to be had from learning to box, and the fun you will experience along the way will make getting into this workout routine as easy as a walk in the park. Not to mention, you will now be trained in the art of self defense, and this can be a vital thing to know if you are ever in a tight spot. Hopefully, that never happens, but looking good and feeling healthy will be rewarding enough all on their own. I hope you decide to give boxing as a form of exercise a try, good luck out there!


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