A Guide for Celebrating Your Dog During the Holiday Season

When you think about the holiday season, you probably think about decorating the Christmas tree, hanging lights around your home, and making sure family and friends have just the right gifts. However, if you have a dog, then you probably want to make sure they are treated just like a family member and that they have a chance to enjoy the season as well. Here are a few ways that you can deck the halls with your furry family member so that they don’t feel left out.

Baked Treats

Baking and decorating cookies and other treats with your family might be a tradition. You can include your dog in this tradition as well by baking treats that are safe for them to eat. These include cookies, cupcakes, and even a cake if you want to have a party for your dog’s friends in the neighborhood. You can also order cake and party supplies online so that you have everything you need to have a festive celebration for your family and those who have four legs. Unsweetened yogurt and pumpkin are good ingredients to use that are safe for dogs.


Keep your dog active during the holiday season by playing a few games. Throw a ball decorated with Christmas colors, play hide and seek so that they can find a few small presents and treats, or hide a few dogs that you show your pet to see if they remember where they are placed. These are fun games to keep them busy if you have guests coming to your home or if you want to get your dog to settle down while waiting for Santa to arrive.

Walking in a Wonderland

If there’s snow on the ground, then take your dog out to enjoy a little playtime. Don’t keep them out too long so that their feet don’t get too cold. You can put a jacket and shoes on your dog to help keep them warm if you do plan to build a snowman or stay outside for a longer time. Take a few balls outside to throw around to see some of the snow flying when your dog jumps for them as well.

Go Shopping

When you’re shopping for gifts for family and friends, don’t forget to get something for your dog as well. Make a basket of their favorite toys, or get a new dog bed for your pet to enjoy with a few toys and treats on top. If you want to help other dogs, consider donating items to a local shelter in honor of your dog or in memory of the one you’ve lost.

Festive Pictures

Grab your camera, some lights, and other holiday decorations to take a few fun pictures for the holiday season. You can position lights around your dog or even around their neck if they will hold still long enough. Try sitting your dog on a tree skirt or putting a few Christmas cards around them to get a festive picture that can be shared with others.



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