Baby Boomers and Millennials: How Shipping a Motorcycle is Different Among Generations

There are hearty differences between generations, some that are obvious, and others that aren’t quite so obvious. You have probably heard the phrases “Baby Boomer” and “Millennial” but wasn’t quite sure who they were describing. A baby boomer is anyone within the population who was born between 1946 and 1964. Millennials are those who were born between 1981 and 1996. The generational gap between these two is roughly 40 years, bypassing Generation X and the Xennials to prove just how different the two are.

Baby Boomers are named from the post-war baby boom that occurred following WWII. Boomers experienced pivotal moments in history, such as the Civil Rights Movement, the race for space, the election of John F. Kennedy, and the assassination of John F. Kennedy. All three are moments in history that changed the course of the United States.

Just like the Boomers, Millennials experienced some moments in the history of the US that changed the future for every other generation. Boomers have the phrase, “I remember where I was when John F. Kennedy was assassinated. “ In the same sense, the Millennials have “I remember where I was when the attack happened on September 11, 2001.” This terrorist attack would forever leave a mark on the US and in the hearts of the people. Millennials also have the evolution of technology and the ease of using it, unlike the Boomers.

So what is the point of explaining these generations? The point is to help explain how the younger generation (Millennials) are more likely to hire out work than the older generation (Baby Boomers). For instance, imagine planning a trip to Las Vegas. The way that these two generations approach getting themselves and their motorcycles there will differ by default.

Baby Boomers are going to save as much money as possible, trying to get their motorcycle to Las Vegas without paying someone else to do it. Millennials are more likely to hire someone to ship their motorcycle to Las Vegas for them. They trust the services of a professional motorcycle transport company to get their motorcycle to its destination as safely as possible.

Regardless of the generation, understanding the laws of driving a motorcycle in Las Vegas is the same for both. Motorcyclists and their passengers are required to wear a helmet when on a motorcycle in the state of Nevada. Safety is critical for any generation of motorcycle rider.

Shipping a motorcycle to Las Vegas for relocation or visiting is becoming increasingly popular, especially among Millennials and the younger generations. The shipping process can happen in many different ways, depending on what the motorcycle rider is requesting. Motorcycles can be transported using the following methods:

· Crated Transport

o The motorcycle is secured to a pallet and then loaded into a small container, which is usually wooden. The crate is then closed, protecting the motorcycle on all sides.

· Door-to-Door Transport

o Door-to-Door is a popular shipping method used when transporting a motorcycle. The motorcycle is picked up and dropped off at addresses specified by the customer shipping it.

· Enclosed Transport

o Much like crated transport, the motorcycle is loaded onto a trailer and secured. The trailer is enclosed on all sides, providing a high level of protection from the elements.

· Open-Air Transport

o The least expensive method of transport is open-air transport. The motorcycle will be loaded onto a trailer with many other motorcycles and then transported to the location. Open-air does not protect from road debris or the weather elements.

· Terminal-to-Terminal

o A customer will drop their motorcycle off at a terminal, where it will be picked up by the motorcycle shipping company. The company will then drop it off at another terminal near the destination the customer needed it sent to.

As you can see, there are many different ways to ship a motorcycle to Las Vegas. Each one will have their particular timeline and cost involved. It really may be the best option if you are unable to spend the time making a cross country trip on the motorcycle. No matter what generation you may be from, professional motorcycle shipping companies are here to make your motorcycle transport experience a lot easier.



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