Award-winning LGBT activist charged with child pornography

‘Anastasia Diamond’ allegedly downloaded dozens of sexual videos of prepubescent boys

Brice Williams, a drag queen who goes by the stage name of ‘Anastasia Diamond’, has been charged with 25 counts of possessing child pornography. Williams has been honored in the past for his efforts with LGBT youth, and was also filmed doing a drag show to minors.

Williams was indicted on 25 counts for child pornography, and 18 charges of criminal misuse of a communication facility. Penn Live claims that Williams downloaded at most 49 photographs and 25 videos showing naked prepubescent boys. The court documents say that Williams also showed sex acts between the boys sometimes with an adult male.

Williams told police he had been viewing child porn since 2014. He started by looking at it on messaging apps. Court documents show that Williams then shared files with similar men using cloud storage apps.

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A video showing a drag queen and a little girl performing horribly in front of viewers

Williams from Pennsylvania was known as a prominent LGBT activist before his arrest. GLO Harrisburg provided HIV prevention and awareness work for the accused. “safe space”For LGBT youth from minority communities.  

The LGBT Center of Central PA gave Williams its ‘Rising Star Award’ in 2021, although posts celebrating the drag queen have since been deleted from the organization’s website and social media pages. 

“I feel as though this is so important because I know there are little kids like me who are queer [and] who are black who are still not able to look up to anyone,”Williams said that PennLive heard Williams last year. “So that’s the reason why I got into this line of work. I wanted to make … a big impact for folks in my community.”

Williams was a controversial figure even before his arrest. Undated video shared by the ‘Libs of TikTok’ Twitter account showed Williams performing for a group of children, apparently in a gay bar. 

In the US, such performances are highly contentious. A video of a drag-queen in paternities leading a young girl in Miami to a bar last month prompted legal action. Footage by another “child-friendly”After children saw waving dollars at the performers, and then joining them on stage under a sign that read “Drag Show at Texas Gay Bar,” their viral video went viral. “it’s not gonna lick itself.”Washington DC is currently accepting applications footage showing children and toddlers marching in a ‘Pride’ parade behind a topless man with breasts caused outrage online.

LEARN MORE Pride is not the reason to involve children in drag-queen performances.

Conservative protesters marched against gay bars after the above events. accuseThe performers “grooming”This led to legislation being introduced by Republican lawmakers across multiple states banning these events.

Pennsylvania law makes possessing child pornography a second-degree felony. Each count carries a maximum term of ten year imprisonment, and criminal use of communication facilities carries a maximum of seven years. 



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