At least a quarter of Britons now eligible for Pfizer Covid pill — Analysis

The UK regulator has backed Pfizer’s Covid-19 pill for people who could get severely ill from the virus

The UK’s medical regulator has given the green light to Pfizer’s coronavirus pill, Paxlovid. Anyone who is at high risk for developing severe Covid symptoms will have the drug available, even those older than 60.

“Today we have given our regulatory approval for Paxlovid, a Covid-19 treatment found to cut Covid-19 related hospitalisations and deaths by 89% when taken within three days of the start of symptoms,”In a statement, Dr June Raine (Medicals and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) stated that Friday’s chief executive was.

British regulators stated they found the treatment safe and effective. However, the regulator admitted that it was not sure if Omicron would affect effectiveness.

An antiviral medication works by inhibiting a protease that is necessary for virus replication. The body will have a better chance to defeat the virus if Covid-19 is not multiplied.

Paxlovid’s active ingredients, PF-732133232 and ritonavir come in separate tablets that are combined and used together twice daily for five days. 

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Paxlovid proved to be very effective at preventing death and hospitalization in high-risk patients in clinical trials. Paxlovid saved 0.8% of high-risk individuals who died or were admitted to hospital (three deaths out of 389) compared to 7% in the placebo.

Anyone at high risk for severe diseases, including those over 60 years old, overweight, and people with any other medical conditions, will have the pills made available. 23% are older than 60 years, and 27% were obese. 

Over 2.75 million antiviral medication courses have been ordered in the United Kingdom. The UK approved Merck Covid last month. However, it is far less effective than the previous Merck Covid pills. 

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