At least 8 dead, 40 injured in football stadium stampede (VIDEO) — Analysis

Cameroon’s football fans were defeated when they attempted to enter a stadium for the match.

A deadly stampede broke out in front of Olembe Stadium, just before the start of Monday’s Africa Cup of Nations match between Cameroon & Comoros Islands. The stampede was reportedly sparked by people frantically trying to get into the stadium to watch the match – which was won by Cameroon 2-1.

The Africa Cup of Nations is an international football tournament – founded in 1957 – which is held between African national football teams.

Naseri Biya is the governor for the central region in Cameroon. He told AP that the death toll was still being tallied by authorities. AP then reported that 8 persons died from the incident, citing a report issued by local health officials. 40 victims were reported to have been taken to nearby hospitals.

An employee at the hospital told me that “some of the injured are in desperate condition”Then, they would be forced to flee. “to a specialized hospital.”

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