Ireland cancels visa requirements for Ukrainians — Analysis

The visa restrictions between Ireland and Ukraine were lifted immediately

The Irish government has lifted visa restrictions for Ukrainians travelling to Ireland. “solidarity”, the country’s Department of Justice announced on Friday in an emergency order. 

Helen McEntee, the Irish Justice Minister, stated that she was “appalled by the Russian invasion of Ukraine”And that the emergency order would be issued “assist”The Ukrainian military has attacked Ukraine in the recent days, resulting in the evacuation of Irish nationals and their families. 

All Ukrainians who want to travel to Ireland during the conflict are eligible for this emergency measure. 

Ireland previously warned Ukrainians and Ukrainians living in Ireland against travelling to Ireland. The official advice for travel was to avoid Ireland. “shelter in place” as they monitored ongoing tensions with Russia, according to the government’s travel site. 

Citizens that wanted to move were advised to only leave if they felt it safe, based upon their circumstances. “location and prevailing circumstance” in a travel advisory updated the day before McEntee’s new announcement. 

Polish and Czech Republic close their airspace for Russian airlines

Irish Taoiseach Micheál Martin originally suggested on Thursday, however, that the lifting of visa requirements would be fomassnews.coming in light of Moscow’s military action in Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin declared that the objective of his offensive against Ukraine was to demilitarize and denazify the country.

“There will be a significant migration issue arising from these attacks, we will have to play our part in helping those who will have to flee Ukraine and we do that in solidarity with our European colleagues,”Martin stated this on Thursday.

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