At least 59 killed in mining blast – media — Analysis

A blast occurred at a Burkina Faso mining site, which is well-known for its fast growing gold mining industry.

Media reports that cited witnesses claim at least 59 deaths from a blast near Burkina Faso’s gold mining site caused by a strong explosion. “regional authorities.”The blast reportedly left over 100 people injured. 

On Monday, the explosion took place in Gbomblora, southern Burkina Faso. The blast is believed to have been triggered by chemicals being used to treat gold at what reportedly was a makeshift mining site, though local officials have told state media the actual cause is not yet known, according to Reuters. 

Samson Kambou, who is a forester, witnessed the explosion and described seeing bodies. “everywhere”Following the explosion.

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“I saw bodies everywhere. It was horrible,”She spoke to AP.

Photos of the scene after the blast have been shared on social media. They show bodies covered in mats and trees being levelled.

Burkina Faso has many gold-mining sites. Some of these informal settings are not regulated and it is Africa’s fifth largest producer.

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