As LGBTQ+ Pride Month kicks off, is it time to give straight folks their parade too? — Analysis

It is time for the West to celebrate sexual diversity in the US and West.

It’s already the merry month of June and, according to the woke calendar, time to celebrate the smorgasbord of sexual proclivities now available to all and sundry. Why not honor the oldest and most important carnal preferences of all?

On June 11, 1999, then-President Bill Clinton, the philandering Democrat who forced Americans to wonder whether oral sex constituted actual sex, designated June as ‘Gay and Lesbian Pride Month’. And it’s been a joyride ever since. Today, in the spirit of inclusivity and diversity, the celebration has sprouted some glorious wings and is now known as ‘Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ+) Pride Month’.

On June 28, 1969, police raided the Stonewall Inn, in Greenwich Village. This was a place of worship for gay men in New York City. The story says that the police tried to arrest bar patrons as well as nearby drinking establishments. All the rest was history. The Stonewall Riots have made it possible for the LGBTQ+ community to claim major cultural wins. Same-sex marriage is now legal in every state, and employees of gay or transgender are not discriminated in the workplace.

Liberal gender ideologies imposed on children could change Western civilization for generations

These successes aside, do the LGBTQ+ or other movements merit our full attention for a whole month? Morgan Freeman, an African American actor, was once asked by a reporter what his opinion is on Black History Month. “Ridiculous,”He was quick to respond. “I don’t want a Black History month. Black history is American history.”Mike Wallace (reporter for 60 Minutes), was initially incredulous. He then began to inquire, “but how are we going to get rid of racism?”

Freeman’s solution was as brilliant as it was simple: “Stop talking about it!”

“I’m going to stop calling you a White man,”Wallace was told by the actor “and I’m going to ask you to stop calling me a Black man.”

Many people see this as the root problem in LGBTQ+ Pride Month. This incessant desire to bring out sexual issues before everyone is involved, even the children, seems like it sums everything. Where is the discretion? It’s nearly impossible to turn on the television or open a newspaper without coming face to face with sex-drenched issues. In fact, the LGBTQ+ movement is actually getting much more than a month of parades, festivities, and free advertising from corporations that don’t want to be left out of the virtue-signaling orgy. This cultural juggernaut now dominates almost all aspects our lives from the very beginning of elementary school.

Pentagon outlines ‘equity’ priorities

One time in America, children could be sent to school by their parents with complete assurance that they would receive a quality education. Such ‘privileges’ for tax-paying citizens can no longer be taken for granted. Today, schools across the country have taken it upon themselves to educate young children on topics related to gender and transgender, with the suggestion that – just maybe – they had been born in the wrong body. This is exactly the kind of information that all children need to hear. These topics are controversial and should not be discussed with young children. Even though there are legitimate concerns about classrooms becoming sexually explicit, this situation only gets worse.

Today, public libraries hosting ‘drag queen story hours’ for children and their parents have gone mainstream, at the same time that books glorifying pedophilia are sneaking their way onto school bookshelves. Stacy Langton from Virginia, was concerned about finding two explicit books in Fairfax High School Board meetings in September 2001.

“I’m not anti-gay, I’m not trying to eliminate the LGBTQ book collection,”Langton was acquitted. “It’s literal pornography, that’s the problem.”

US base to host ‘drag queens’ for children

Ironically, while she was describing the horrendous scenes pedophilia found in the illustrated novel, she received an instruction to stop reading. “there are children in the audience.”

The story doesn’t get better. Not only did the Fairfax School Board override the parents’ concerns and order the books to stay on the shelves, but, in a separate development, the FBI began targeting “disruptive”Parents who complain at school board meetings about the education of their children behind closed doors are called “parents” It is no surprise that homeschooling has seen a spike in interest in recent years.

The point here is that America has come a long way since the first ‘Gay and Lesbian Pride Month’ in 2000. Children have never been exposed to so controversial sexual ideas before. This could lead to young children becoming sexist. As liberal talk show host Bill Maher *put it, “We are literally experimenting on children.”

A school director invites her students to her sexshop

Record number of Americans identify as LGBTQ

Is it really necessary to dedicate a whole month of the year to all sexual deviancies? Perhaps the solution is to allow straight people to have an entire month dedicated to sexual deviancy? In these politically correct times, does being part the LGBTQ+ community make it any easier than being married with kids? The month of July is still free, so why not designate it ‘Straight Pride Month’ in honor of those exhausted looking men and women on the morning train, on the way to work after an all-nighter with a screaming teething baby?

If we were to get really technical here, none of us – not gay, trans, queer, bi people, or otherwise – would be around to celebrate anything if it were not for the unfashionable straight folks, who volunteered for the thankless job of raising kids from birth and playing house in a world gone mad. These people deserve a monthlong celebration that honors their incredible sacrifices.

While it may be a good way of reminding the world about where its real priorities should be, the real heroes in the world rarely ask for rewards, let alone an entire month of partying, although they probably wouldn’t refuse a babysitter on the occasional Friday night.

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