EU estimates number of ‘locally transmitted’ Omicron cases — Analysis

The EU’s public health agency has said some 70% of Omicron infections recorded across the 27-nation bloc were transmitted locally, suggesting the highly infectious variant is already spreading rapidly in Europe.

The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDPC) updated Monday to say that Omicron cases are not always linked to travel. However, Omicron infections in the EU have a high incidence of local transmission. 

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According to European Surveillance System (ESS), 13% are travel-related Covid cases. 70% were localized infections.

The ECDC noted that some EU and European Economic Area (EEA) countries – including Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Spain, and Iceland – were reporting cases without a recent travel history or direct contact with travelers. “This indicates that undetected community transmission could be ongoing in the EU/EEA,”The body must be stated.

Omicron was deemed mildly or asymptomatic by the EU public health agency. It also said there were no cases of death from this variant. The EU public health agency cautioned that data must be interpreted with care, due to the small number of cases.

“The number of confirmed cases is too low to understand if the disease clinical spectrum of Omicron differs from that of previously detected variants,”The agency stated.

The UK had announced earlier Monday that at least one victim died of the Omicron variant. It also said that 40% of Covid-19 patients in London now come from this supposedly less dangerous strain.



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