Apple to let users edit and unsend messages

The company’s latest iPhone OS will allow users to edit and delete iMessages in real-time

Apple’s new iOS 16 operating system was unveiled by tech company Apple on Monday. It includes new features that allow iMessage to keep up with the rest of popular messaging apps.

The operating system upgrade iMessage will be available this fall for all iPhone models 8 and above. It allows users to quickly edit, unsend, or recover deleted texts, as well as mark unread conversations.

This upgrade lets you sync audio or video files so that users can enjoy media simultaneously.

Although the new features for iMessage are not available yet, Telegram and Telegram allow you to delete or edit messages. Google, on the other hand, allows users to temporarily unsend emails within a short window. Twitter users, on the other hand, still languish without an edit button, despite their repeated pleas to management.

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Apple now admits to unwanted tracking

Safety Check is another iOS 16 feature that was highlighted at WWDC. This is supposed to help users in abusive relationships to manage their passwords and app access on all of their Apple devices. Privacy advocates have previously criticised the company for how easy it is to slip AirTag tracking devices into people’s personal possessions. These AirTag trackers are meant to attach to luggage or keys and can then be used to spy on or stalk someone.



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