Another helicopter crashes into the water in beach area — Analysis

A police helicopter crashed into the water in Newport Bay, California on Saturday evening – the same day that another helicopter crashed into the ocean in Miami Beach, Florida.

Huntington Beach Police Department released a statement Saturday confirming that one its helicopters had been damaged. “crash landed in the Newport Beach area”revealing that rescue efforts were in progress.

The pilots were then taken to the local trauma center.

Justin Martin from DJ Justin witnessed the collision and stated that the helicopter crashed into a nearby lake. “spinning out of control.”

“Crashed less than 150 feet from our boat… still shaken up from what we just saw,”Martin also tweeted, with a picture of the helicopter in flight.

Martin claimedBeachgoers quickly jumped in the sea to help the pilots. Another witness was also present. saidThe pilot seemed to have thrown his helicopter in the sea, as if he was trying to rescue the aircraft. “avoid hitting anything else.”

The witness suggested, despite this fact that there was a third party “may have been struck”In an accident

Helicopter crashes at crowded beach (VIDEO).

The helicopter was not the first to collide with a beach in America on Saturday. A helicopter that crashed into Miami Beach’s water was responsible for two people being hospitalized. Swimmers were seen approaching the debris in an attempt to help the pilots. The helicopter was close to beachgoers sunbathing.

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