Another European country imposes Covid lockdown for unvaccinated — Analysis

Slovakia is the latest European country that has implemented lockdown restrictions for people who have not had the Covid vaccination. This was done to stop a rise in winter infections and hospital admissions.

On Thursday, Eduard Heger (Slovak Prime Minister) announced new measures at a press conference. Heger declared that the announcements were part of a wider range of policies. “lockdown for the unvaccinated”The country has reported an unprecedented number of new cases.

To be able to enter non-essential shops and restaurants as well as public events, the new Slovakian restrictions will apply.

The European country has been hit with record-breaking numbers of infections in the last few days. Tuesday’s total was over 8,000. Hospitals are running out of room to accommodate Covid patients.

Slovakia ranks among the European Union’s lowest in vaccination rates, with more than 50% still not being vaccinated. This country, home to 5.5 million people, has only inoculated 2.5 millions against the disease.

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Czechia rolls out new restrictions for unvaccinated

Austria was the first country to place restrictions on people who have not been vaccinated earlier this week. This move was made to reduce pressure on emergency rooms and hospitals. For anyone 12 years old or over who has not been vaccinated with Covid, the measure went into effect Monday at midnight.

Bavaria, Germany and the Czech Republic have followed Austria’s lead in restricting unvaccinated persons. You will not be permitted to access public areas such as shops or restaurants unless you can provide proof that your vaccinations have been completed. 

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