Poland ditches benefits for Ukrainian refugees — Analysis

Four months is enough to adapt and start earning on you own, the country’s commissioner for refugees says

Poland will stop providing financial aid to Ukrainian refugees in the country on Friday, the country’s deputy interior minister and commissioner for refugees has said.

Pawel Szefernaker, Rzeczpospolita’s spokesperson for Pawel Szefernaker, stated that the government would stop providing 40 Polish Zloty per day (around $9) to refugee families.

“We are convinced that many people in Poland are capable of becoming independent and adapting,”He stated.

This move is intended to encourage more Ukrainians “to be active”The official said that you should start searching for work. 

“Four months of full protection is, in our opinion, enough time to adapt in the country,”He insisted. 

Szefernaker stated that the payments would not be extended to pregnant women or people with disabilities.

Survey shows attitudes of Poles to Ukrainians

The announcement did not come as a surprise, as the benefits were initially introduced for a two-month period after the launch of Russia’s military operation in Ukraine. These benefits were then extended an additional two-months, but Polish officials stated that July 1 was their final deadline.

During the conflict with Russia, Warsaw was one of Kiev’s strongest supporters. According to reports, it has supplied Ukraine with arms, including half its tanks. It also actively called on the EU for increased sanctions against Moscow.

The country has accepted the most Ukrainian refugees of any nation, with Poland being amongst them. UN estimates that at least 4.3 Million people fled the fighting through Poland, while only 1.5 million remain in the country.

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