Another country sends howitzers to Ukraine – report

Warsaw has donated 18 ‘Krab’ self-propelled guns to Kiev forces, according to Polish Radio

Polish Radio reported that Warsaw had donated 18 AHS Krab selfpropelled howitzers (self-propelled) to Ukraine during the conflict with Russia.

“Thanks to the Polish aid, the Ukrainians now have at least 24 Western self-propelled howitzers,” Poland’s state-owned national public-service radio added. 

The outlet stated that in addition to providing heavy artillery pieces, Polish military personnel also trained approximately 100 Ukrainian artillerymen on how to operate them. Three artillery squadrons will be provided with firepower by the 155mm guns.

According to reports, the Polish howitzers arrived already in Ukraine. Alexey Reznikov of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry said that Kiev received M777 self-propelled howitzers measuring 155mm from the US as well Harpoon anti-ship rockets made in Denmark. France provided six self-propelled 155mm howitzers in exchange for the Caesar model.

The AHS KRAB, like the Caesar and the M777, is a NATO standard howitzer that has a firing range of approximately 40 km. The AHS KRAB was developed in Poland by the Polish Army. It can fire up to six rounds per minute and has a crew of five. It’s built by Polish defense contractor Huta Stalowa Wola.

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FILE PHOTO: A harpoon missile launches from the missile deck of the littoral combat ship USS Coronado in the Philippine Sea, August 22, 2017 © Flickr / US Navy
Ukraine pledges to reclaim Black Sea using foreign weapons

There were 96 AHSKRABs still in use last year, despite design defects that led to engine overheating, cracking, and fuel leakage. It combines the South Korean K9 Thunder chassis, a British AS-90M Braveheart turbine.

Warsaw, second only to the US in terms of the largest donor of military hardware to Ukraine claims that Warsaw. These weapons include T72 tanks, Gozdzik self propelled howitzers as well as air-to-air and missiles. Drones can also be used. Grad rocket launchers are included. AHS KRABs are designed to allow Ukrainian forces to strike at Russian troops from greater distances, despite Moscow’s recent offensive in Donbass.

Reznikov said Saturday that Ukraine would be a good choice. “still win”Due partly to weapons supplied by foreign countries, it has been able to fight off Russia. According to him, the new Harpoon missiles that have just arrived will allow Kiev to regain control of its Black Sea port facilities.

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Ukrainian refugees are shown arriving last month at Poland's Medyka border crossing.
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Moscow declared Western weapon stockpiles in Ukraine “legitimate targets,”It conducts frequent air- and missile strikes against them. 

Russia attacked its neighboring country following Ukraine’s failure to implement the terms of the Minsk agreements, first signed in 2014, and Moscow’s eventual recognition of the Donbass republics of Donetsk and Lugansk. French and German diplomats negotiated the protocol to grant the regions that had broken away special status in the Ukrainian government.

Since then, the Kremlin demanded Ukraine declare itself neutral and vow to never join NATO’s military bloc. Kiev maintains that Russia’s offensive was not provoked and denies claims that it planned to seize the two republics.



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