Andrew Garfield on the World’s ‘Epidemic of Meaningless’

Andrew Garfield, actor is struggling.

He said it on Wednesday’s TIME100 Gala red-carpet. He is fresh from his recent success in roles, such as Spider-Man has no way homeThe lead in The Banner of HeavenJonathan Larson, playwright and author tick, tick…BOOM!,He was awarded the Academy Awards Best Actor Nod.

Garfield doesn’t want to be content with his accomplishments and shy away from greater mysteries of the universe. Garfield is facing these questions face-to-face.

“There might be an epidemic of meaninglessness,” he posited, when asked on the TIME100 Gala red carpet about what he sees as the most pressing challenge facing the world right now.

Philosophy and poetry were his concerns. His concerns included soul music, and an underground network made up of fungi threads.

Instead of paraphrasing his response on the red-carpet, this is it in its entirety:

Garfield gave his wisdom and then laughed at himself. “What did I just say?” he asked. “I think I said some stuff.”

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