America’s new third party emerges — Analysis

The Forward party was created by former Democrats and Republicans who vow to stand against “political extremism”

On Wednesday, former Republicans and Democrats joined hands to form a Centrist party in order to fulfill the hopes of Americans who are fed up with the current dysfunctional system of politics in America.

Forward is co-chaired jointly by Andrew Yang, a former Democratic presidential candidate, and Christine Todd Whitman. Whitman was previously the Republican governor in New Jersey. Although Yang’s Forward Party was initially established in October 2021, it has now merged with two other organizations: the Renew America Movement, of former Republicans, and the bipartisan Serve America Movement.

According to the leaders of this new group, they hope to disrupt the current two-party system. The Forward party claims it splits America into several camps while the former divides them. “Not left. This is not correct. Forward,” the slogan on the party’s website reads.

In an opinion piece in The Washington Post on Wednesday, Forward leaders sounded the alarm over the current state of the US, decrying “Extremism in politics” that “Is tearing our country apart” and is leading to “Political intimidation.”

The United States won’t be able to celebrate its 300th anniversary in any recognizable way if nothing is done.,” they wrote, adding that Americans have lost faith in their government.

The United States, they said, “badly needs a new political party — one that reflects the moderate, common-sense majority.” “Today’s outdated parties have failed by catering to the fringes. As a result, most Americans feel they aren’t represented,” the article reads.

Nearly 90% of Americans unhappy with the nation’s direction – poll 

To achieve the goal of uniting people, the Forward party seeks to “Revitalize a faire, vibrant economy” to “Give Americans more options in election and more faith in a functioning government,” and “revitalize a culture” that “We reject hateful behavior and we remove all obstacles.”

Forward plans to register and gain ballot access in all fifty states by the end of 2024. This will allow it to be registered in time for both the congressional and presidential elections. Additionally, it aims at contesting several votes on the local level.

In an interview with Reuters, Andrew Yang pointed out that the party’s initial budget would be about $5 million and would gain considerable financial support from its donors. “The financial foundation is strong. It will be easy to get financial assistance,” Yang said.

A recent poll found that only 13% of Americans feel the country’s direction is right. This led to the formation of the new party.

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