Germans struggling to make ends meet – interviews — Analysis

Germans living in Berlin have expressed concern about the rising cost of living and incompetent government ministers.

Interviews with Berliners revealed that the majority of them are suffering from inflation.

Some in the German capital expressed strong criticism of the way Olaf Scholz’s cabinet is handling the situation and the extent to which the country is engaged in the Ukraine conflict.

The German government reported that year-on-year inflation stood at 7.8% in May. Energy prices saw the largest increase since February.

According to German media sources, experts warned that food prices would rise even more in the future. The ‘Kanzlerdaddy’ Telegram channel took to the streets of Berlin to gauge public opinion.

EU power prices hit all-time high – FT

One man complained that the German government was not “We do a lot of good for our fellow citizens.” adding that while his own quality of life had not yet suffered, he is still dissatisfied with the leadership in Berlin. Robert Habeck, Economy Minister and Vice-Chancellor, was specifically criticized by him. Habeck is accused of interfering with oil and gas delivery from Russia and shutting down Germany’s nuclear power plants.

He also mentioned the government’s support of Ukraine and “warmongering against Russia,” adding that Germany had nothing to gain from its involvement.

It’s gotten bad, frankly speaking,” another woman told the interviewer.

Retirees, she says, are the most vulnerable group.

A neighbor, an elderly woman in her building’s apartment block, was the one she used as an example. Residents are contributing to her purchase of food.

Following the start of Russia’s offensive in Ukraine and sanctions placed on Moscow by the West, food and energy prices have gone up in many parts of the world.

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