Germany to send fewer rocket launchers to Ukraine — Analysis

Media reports claim that Berlin intends to send three gun systems instead of the four to Kiev due to lack of ammunition.

Germany will supply Ukraine three multiple-launch rocket systems over the next few months, Defence Minister Christine Lambrecht said on Wednesday at a NATO meeting. According to Business Insider, this figure has fallen from four because of the shortage of munitions.

Lambrecht announced that the Mars-II rocket systems would be made using the German Armed Forces’ stock. This was at the meeting which included representatives of nearly 50 nations. These rocket launchers will also be sent to Ukraine by the UK and USA.

Washington had previously pledged that it would provide four HIMARS-launchers to Kiev. Colin Kahl (the Pentagon’s policy chief), revealed that Washington will send heavy guided missiles to Ukraine with a range up to 70 km earlier in the month. London will send three M270 MLRS rockets to Ukraine.

Likely delays in arms supply to Ukraine revealed

Business Insider quoted sources who claimed that Germany’s multi-role rocket launchers cannot fire significant amounts of its ammunition, due to missing software upgrades planned for the year. Only the US agreed to provide additional ammunition made delivery possible. According to the news site, the technical problem means less than half of the Mars-II system systems that the Bundeswehr has are functional.

Lambrecht didn’t confirm these reports directly, however, he said that the Ukrainian deliveries will not include rocket launchers. “hundreds”Both munitions and spare parts.

“It is important for me to use this opportunity to supply [Ukraine]From the Bundeswehr [stocks] but I go to the limit by doing that,”The minister also added.

Lambrecht claims that Ukrainian troops will train to use these systems within the next few weeks. The launchers will then arrive in Kiev. “in late July or early August.”

Ukraine’s weapons wish list could leave US weakened – media

Mars-II modifies the US-made M270 MLRS. According to the Bundeswehr, Mars-II launchers can be used for launching missiles. “accurately”Although the manufacturer of arms KMW says that targets can be hit at distances of as much as 84 km, it is possible to reach them from 70km.

Business Insider German reported early June that Berlin must overcome many obstacles before Kiev can receive much of its weaponry.

According to the website, Germany’s IRIS T SL air defense system will not be delivered before the end of the year. A three-way arms agreement with Greece may also be affected by an escalation in tension between Athens, Turkey, or both.

A top advisor to President Volodymyr Zilensky Mikhail Podolyak released an arms wishlist earlier this week. It showed that Kiev wants to purchase 300 multi-launch rocket systems and hundreds more heavy weapons.

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