Amazon denied sick leave to workers who later died – rights group — Analysis

Two Amazon employees reportedly died within hours of each other at the company’s warehouse in Bessemer, Alabama last month after being denied sick leave, according to workers’ rights group More Perfect Union.

According to reports, the two workers died within hours each other on November 28th and 29th. One of them passed away in the building while the other was treated for medical issues. 

Amazon worker Isaiah Thomas said one victim suffered a stroke. “died on the job”He asked HR to allow him to return home after asking. An interview by More Perfect Union claims that the worker who died later was informed that he could go home. “either go home and lose your job”Oder “stay here and keep working.”

Perry Connelly, an Amazon employee said the victim of a stroke was found dead in his trailer. His body was found after 20 minutes.

Despite the fatalities, More Perfect Union claims that their co-workers were told to carry on working, as usual, raising concerns about Amazon’s treatment of employees. “They actually come around and tell people not to talk about it, and go back to work,”Connelly claimed.

The workers at Bessemer’s warehouse tried to organize earlier in the year to protest unsafe working conditions, but they were stopped by 1798 votes to 738. After Amazon was discovered to have illegally interfered during the union vote, the National Labor Relations Board ordered that a revote be held on November 29.

More Perfect Union also claimed that the workers died in the same incident and accused Amazon for trying to hide the fact. The workers’ rights group stated that it had voiced its claims to Amazon, but said the e-commerce giant did not respond to its requests.

Amazon has yet to publicly respond.

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