Advertisements and Consumer Behavior

Advertising Consequences: A Unilateral Effect on Consumer Behavior?

If one spends time watching or reading about the recent upheaval in advertising, one will notice a common theme. Some major brands had a plan in the works before they went live, and others had little to say about it. What we’re seeing is called “advertising consequences.” Advertising consequences are slight changes in advertiser behavior that result in huge advertising revenues for other advertisers. They can have various effects on brand consumers and an advertiser’s ability to target their customers accordingly. Here is the relationship between advertisements and consumer behavior according to Jordan Sudberg.

What is the Role of Brands in Advertising?

The role of brands in advertising is to help guide the behavior of consumers. This can include helping them make buying decisions, choosing the right brand for their needs, and communicating brand values. Even when a brand doesn’t contribute to another brand’s success, its presence in the marketplace can help get other brands’ products in front of the right audience.

Brand Awareness and Consumption Behavior

Brand awareness is the presence of a brand in the marketplace. When a brand is mentioned in many terms, its significance is likely being considered. If a product or service is mentioned often enough, it’s likely that people are already aware of it. If the brand didn’t make it onto the market long enough for it to be mentioned, it might have to pay damages or have its status as a household name called into question.

Advertiser Intent and Consumer Behavior

Advertisers are trying to influence consumer behavior by creating ads that will appear next to products or services that the advertiser owns or offers. If people see an ad suggesting they should buy something from a particular brand, that may indicate that the brand is making a major impact. It may also be because the brand is becoming more popular or plans to make a big push next year. Staying on top of how peers are using and enjoying products from a certain company can be the difference between being left with a negative brand impression and positive feedback. According to Jordan Sudberg, when brands start to outdo each other, the impact can be huge.


According to pain management specialist Jordan Sudberg, companies can ensure that they are successful by creating a campaign that resonates with consumers. Engaging with consumers is also a good way to find out what people like about certain products and services and what they would change about them. It’s also possible to find out how people are using products from their favorite brands, which can be useful for future campaigns.

The fact that so many companies now rely on social media has changed the game for many businesses in the 21st century. Consumers are now able to interact directly with companies in ways that were once impossible, which has led to a greater focus on customer service and positive brand impressions. In order to get ahead of the competition in this new world, it’s important to keep an eye on how other brands are doing business online.


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