Activists strike world’s largest e-tailer on Black Friday — Analysis

Climate activists Extinction Rebellion have disrupted Amazon’s operations, targeting 15 of its fulfilment depots across the world, while warehouse workers delivery drivers have started a strike in Germany, France, and Italy.

On what is traditionally the online retailer’s busiest day of the year, the group has blocked the entrance to depots in the US, UK, Germany, and the Netherlands, unfurling banners reading, “Amazon crime”, “Infinite growth, finite planet” and “Black Friday exploits people and planet”. The company has been accused of inciting excessive consumption and emitted carbon comparable to that of Denmark. Amazon has also fallen foul of trade unions in Europe’s biggest economies, which claim the company underpays its employees and evades taxes.

In Germany, Amazon’s second-biggest market, around 2,500 employees went on strike at three fulfilment centers, according to the Verdi union, and strikes are also underway in France and Italy.

Amazon has not addressed the protests in any way, however it stated that they take responsibility. “very seriously,”Not only does it set a goal to become net-zero by 2040 but also acknowledges the fact that “there is always more to do.”



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