Kuwaiti European Holding Announces Completion of Aqueous Phase 1 Resort In Egypt

Egyptian Saudi Tourism and Real Estate Investment Company (ESTRICO), which is an Egyptian-based subsidiary of parent company Kuwaiti European Holding (KEH), recently announced the completion of Phase 1 of Aqueous Resort. The resort sits on the coastline of the Red Sea, known as one of the finest snorkeling and diving destinations in the world. The Director of KEH, Dr. Abdulla Al Humaidi, noted the completion of Phase 1 of Aqueous Resort with great pleasure. He states that KEH will now work closely with ESTRICO towards the completion of Phase 2. Aqueous Resort will include a four-star hotel after completion of the second phase.

Kuwait European Holding

The Kuwaiti European Holding Company and ESTRICO

As the parent company of ESTRICO, Kuwaiti European Holding has existed as a holding company for the international assets of Dr. Abdulla Al Humaidi and his family since 2008. KEH has six other subsidiary businesses in the financial services, tourism and leisure, and real estate industries. As of early 2021, the holding company’s other investments besides Aqueous Resort in Egypt include:

  • Armilla Capital Limited in the United Kingdom
  • Ebbsfleet United Football Club in the United Kingdom
  • Landmarque Property Group in Ireland
  • London Resort Company Holdings in the United Kingdom
  • Qaran Lake Tourism and Investment Company in Europe
  • Quantum Real Estate in Hong Kong

Kuwaiti European Holding started under the direction of Dr. Abdulla Al Humaidi and he continues to serve as its CEO. The doctor and his family have a proven record of excellence in the areas of business building and investing, particularly in the Middle East and Europe. The company currently has established offices in these locations:

  • Cairo
  • Dubai
  • Dublin
  • Hong Kong
  • Kuwait
  • London

In addition to overseeing its subsidiaries, Kuwaiti European Holding works in close partnership with a sister holding company located in Kuwait called Integrated Financial Services Group.

Kuwaiti European Holding remains devoted to its values of locating the best investment projects that return maximum value to shareholders and improving the value of existing assets. The company also has a strong commitment to investing in projects that offer direct and lasting benefits to the communities where they stand.

ESTRICO registered as a business with the General Authority for Investment and Ministry of Trade and Commerce in 2007. The company holds its registration in Egypt. The primary focus of ESTRICO is developing investment projects that attract tourists to Egypt. Shareholders of the company are primarily investors from Kuwait.

Background of Dr. Abdulla Al Humaidi

Dr. Abdulla Al Humaidi established Kuwaiti European Holding and has remained in leadership roles with the company since 2008. He currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Prior to founding KEH, Dr. Abdulla Al Humaidi served as CEO, Chairman, and Executive Vice Chairman of several companies in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

Besides serving in his CEO position, Dr. Abdulla Al Humaidi manages the investment strategies of two businesses listed on the stock exchange in Kuwait. The names of these companies are Remal and Al Mudon.

Dr. Abdulla Al Humaidi spent seven years studying medicine and earning his doctor title at the Royal College of Surgeons located in Dublin, Ireland.

KEH Aqueous Resort

More About Aqueous Resort

Aqueous Resort spans just over 196 million square meters at its location on the coastline of the Red Sea. Guests of the resort will enjoy the private beach that spans approximately 360 meters. The shoreline and tidal distance are around 70 meters.

Getting to Aqueous Resort in the city of Al Qusair is easy from the nearby Marsa Alam Airport. The resort is less than 100 kilometers from Historical Luxor as well. Staying in a four-star hotel that lines a large body of water known for providing excellent snorkeling and diving opportunities is the dream vacation for many travelers around the world.


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