How to Find the Best Wedding Dress Style for Your Body Type

A wedding dress is a chance to bring your personal style to your big day. If you are making wedding plans, you’ll want to pick out a dress for the day that lets you bring in your own special touch. There are many considerations when it comes to picking out a dress for your own wedding. One of the most important is having a dress that fits your body type well. You want a dress that looks great and one that shows off your personal best features on a day when you’re going to be the star of the show.

Your Height

Height is one thing to keep in mind as you shop for a dress. The average American woman is about 5’4. Some women are taller while others are smaller. If you are taller, you’ll want a dress that shows off your long, lean silhouette. Women who are shorter than the average woman should look for styles that give them some body definition. This is a good time to coordinate the shoes you’re going to wear with the wedding dress you have in mind. Taller women should opt for low heels that let her figure shine. A shorter than average woman might want to go for the stiletto heel or shoes like clogs. That allows her to have some more height and get closer to her groom when she’s taking wedding pictures.

Facial Features

All women have different facial features. Some women have heart shaped faces while others have a more oval shape. Think about the neckline for the dress you have in mind. There are many types of necklines. The sweetheart neckline is one way to draw attention to your face. An off the shoulder look is a more modern idea that works with many facial features and body types. Many women find a square neck has a hint of old fashioned style that works with a classic venue such as a church. If the dress you want does not have the neckline you like best, you can always ask to have it altered. That is a good way to get a custom dress that is going to work for your overall wedding theme.

Finding Your Waist

The waist is an integral part of any dress. There are many types of waistlines to pick from when it comes to finding a dress for your wedding. A full figured woman might want to show off her curves with a dropped waistline. This kind of style flairs out next to the hips. A petite woman should consider the empire waist. That allows a bride to draw attention to her face and present a look that trails below the bust. Other types of styles that can work for any bride are the sheath, mermaid and A-line. A good dress allows you to feel wonderful and comfortable on your wedding day.

Cleavage and Other Considerations

As is true of many other things in life, when it comes to a wedding dress, the details matter a lot. All brides will want to think about their bustline when picking out a wedding dress. This is one place where you can show off the beautiful antique pearls your grandmother lent you for the day. If you’ve been working out a lot, you’ve probably got nice cleavage. Showing it off with an inset in a sheer fabric is one way to bring in the sexy while still staying modest at the church.

Above all a good dress is one that makes you feel totally confident as you get hitched.



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