8 Warning Signs That Your Attic Space Needs New Insulation

Homes have insulation built into walls so that the structure retains its heat in the winter and cool air during the summer. The attic, however, is an often overlooked space regarding insulation health and maintenance. Explore the top 8 warning signs that you need new attic insulation right now.

1. Expensive Energy Bills

According to Reuters, up to 70% of a home’s energy costs go to heating and cooling. Because of this high cost, trapping conditioned air within the home is a priority. If you notice any unusual changes to your energy bill, verify that your attic insulation is intact. Indeed, the majority of energy loss can occur through the attic with deteriorating insulation.

2. Increased Allergy Reactions

Seasonal allergies are common for many people. If you notice more reactions than normal while indoors, the attic insulation may be the cause. As it breaks down, it releases particulates that can reach other areas. In addition, outdoor particulates can also seep in through the attic’s crevices.

3. Moisture Infiltration

Deteriorating insulation creates temperature imbalances in the attic. As a result, condensation may appear on indoor surfaces. Trapped moisture further breaks down the insulation, which allows microbes to grow and invites pests to nest. In extreme cases, roof damage might allow even more moisture into the attic. Ideally, replacing the insulation prevents this domino effect.

4. Unpleasant Odors

It’s not unusual for odors to arise from declining insulation, too. Surprisingly, the odors can seem like everyday scents, such as residual coffee or cigars. It’s extremely important to not overlook any odors, however. There can be multiple issues at work when scent comes into play.

5. Infestations

Visit your attic regularly, and be aware of any pest activity. For example, droppings, shredded insulation, or obvious pest activities mean you have an infestation, reports Real Simple. Unfortunately, bugs and rodents appreciate insulation’s airy texture. The only solution is removing and replacing the materials.

6. Irregular Indoor Air Temperatures

Although you may not visit the attic regularly, its influence can be felt across the entire home. Walk around your property, and be aware of any cold or hot spots. When insulation fails, the home has a temperature imbalance that creates these conditions.

7. Obvious Air Drafts

Windy days can immediately tell you that insulation may be failing. Close all the windows in the home, and then stop in several areas within. Feeling a draft in corridors or rooms tells you that insulation may be a problem. Troubleshoot the draft by checking all doors, windows, and attic spaces. As a result, you should find the problematic area.

8. Mold

Truthfully, mold can grow with only a tiny fraction of moisture. Inspect the attic several times a year to verify if any microbes have taken hold. Any growths indicate insulation replacement is needed. Not only can mold wreck havoc on your attic’s insulation but also on your health if left unrepaired.

When homeowners encounter any of these warning signs, a call to local professionals is warranted. Protecting your major financial investment in your house from further damage starts with new attic insulation.



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